Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Safe Guards

It’s been too long time since my last post and although my distractions have been consuming, I cannot let them hold me back from achieving the ever important goal of reclaiming my life. The reality of it is that life will always be throwing obstacles at us; however it is for us to choose whether we want to focus on damage control or on taking hold of our future by committing ourselves to the process. As for today, I am choosing to take hold of my destiny by committing to the little steps that will lead me to success. While I have remained consist in my new eating habits, many of the safe guards I had initially established have been compromised and that can only set me up for a disastrous end result. I need the safe guards (aka. my friends and family, my blog which allows me to process out my thoughts, and the books I have committed myself to read) to pull me through these very difficult and distracting times. These are the very things that have allowed me to get off on the right foot and will continue to be the things that will keep me on my journey. No amount of will power will do; it will inevitably fail. So I will weigh-in on Friday, assess the results, make the appropriate adjustments, and place my trust in the safeguards that have yet to let me down.


  1. Safe guards, here and reporting for duty, Sir. How can we help?! Ok, maybe that was cheesy, but nonetheless, we are your family and your friends and we want you to have lasting and successful results on this journey! Use us! So proud of you and your accomplishments already! Also, I love the picture you posted!
    -Kelly Hanson

  2. As someone who has and does struggle with addictive behavoir i do understand about distractions and dissapointments , and how we turn to the addictive behavoir, which in turn leads to the guilt spiral. I have found that one of the keys to breaking the cycle, is just what you are doing..Honestly sharing to your circle of support I hope that i can be one of a very large circle in your Community of Support
    Love ya Bro
    Steve Rutledge

  3. To commit ourselves to the process... Takes a willing heart and I'm glad you are. Know you are in my prayers through it all and I place a lot of value on our friendship. A dream, a hope, a success leading to many others and eventually (sooner than later) moving in the practice of the higher calling of being men of character and the highest... Knowing Christ Jesus our Savior from all! Press on my friend, love u bro. Yer "X" roomy no thanx to Cheryl;)