Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Support, Priceless.

Well the weigh-in has come and gone and I have to admit that I did better than I expected. So why is it that I hesitate to post about it? I guess the truth of the matter is that I am losing focus. Is it because I am beginning to feel better? Or maybe I’m dodging the self-inflicted pressure of keeping up with such ridiculous losses? Most likely it is a combination of both. I tried to tell myself I just haven’t had the time to post, but I can’t honestly say that is the reason. Perhaps my motives have been misplaced? I find that I often deceive myself when a little ego boosting is ripe for the picking. Could it be that I am getting caught up in all the hype and missing the bigger picture?

Nevertheless the weigh-in did take place and my family was my big support team this last month; everyone was there, Mom and Dad Redman, Brent and Kelly, Justin, Jack, and Brooklynn and of course Cheryl and Maddison. Mom provided such a wonderful meal, but more importantly they were all there to provide a boatload of encouragement. I was even given a few new shirts to adorn my new slenderized look. So how did I do? I lost 18.6 pounds which means I am now weighing in at 248.2. What a great month!


  1. Are you still reading the weight loss book by Dr, Phil? It may help get to the root of you frustrations with self. Love you.