Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Week at a Time

So this has been the toughest week thus far. I didn’t slip up, but found myself emotionally discouraged and mentally slack. And we all know where that path leads; temptation was at an all time high. In hindsight, what I find most interesting and yet disturbing was the instinctive approach I used to try to re-motivate myself. I found myself constantly criticizing my weight, exacerbating every fat roll, looking for just something to rekindle the frustration that was so prevalent just a week ago. Well… As of today I am working on changing that mindset.

Fortunately, I made the time to open up Dr Phil’s book, The Ultimate Weight Solution and read the first chapter. So far, I have learned nothing about dieting; rather I have found that the way I view myself is in essence the key to either my success or failure.
Get up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and see yourself not as someone who is overweight or out of shape, but as someone you will become, a person with a greater level of dignity and worth who, for probably the first time ever, is finally going to succeed—for a lifetime.

As my friend Maya Angelou has so wisely said, “You did what you knew how to do, and when you knew better, you did better." Pg8
I am also learning that willpower is not as empowering as I once thought. Instead I must reprogram myself for success by making small, deliberate modifications that will impact life in the long-term and then, incorporate the appropriate goals, actions, and self-management that will pull for me when I am less than motivated.
You bought into that lie, and it has beaten you down, and crushed the very core of your being. You believed that you failed because you lacked sufficient willpower, and that somewhere inside you, you were weak and inadequate. However; willpower is unreliable emotional fuel that drives you when you are excited, motivated, or energized…no one stays fired up continually, in fact, the burners are turned to the “off” position most of the time. Pg17
So this week, it is my goal to focus only on this week and to make the small, deliberate modifications that will forever change my life.


  1. Good focus choice. I have wondered about the fact that you had so many others looking up to you when you were a teenager, was that good or was it a detriment? I mean did it help that people looked to you for leadership or did people thinking you such a great guy make you feel inadequate because you saw your faults?
    I have been doing some self evaluation. I didn't know why I was so overly concerned with being a bother to others. My parents were supportive. I like myself, feel I have a decent brain, I have a number of friends yet often when I share an idea I feel the need to rush so I don't bore someone or if I'm in line I must hurry my purchase so I don't keep people waiting. Where did this come from? I have realized that it was not really from things said but I had taken on part of my mother's insecurities. Her actions due to her feelings of low self worth were somehow absorbed by my brain.
    All this said I wondered mostly where the idea of perfection came in our family? Your brother feeling Dad needed to be perfect cause he was a pastor. Jenn being devastated when she received a B in school. You may have been the hardest on yourself in this need to be perfect. Did this come from your father's expectations or from my own need of perfection? It is good to contemplate but better to let go and learn perfection is unreal. You are human after all with the will power of all the other humans. You can not stand looking into the sun, for you are not superman.

  2. This is what got me through my discouraging day today. i know it is silly...but it caused me to be pensive and encourage...so i'll share...

    "I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.Some come from ahead and some come from behind.But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!" ~Dr. Seuss

  3. Josh, I'm glad I read your blog today. I'm going to have to make it a point to keep reading it. I get discouraged over "things my husband says and does to me" and I eat. Because of going on a trip out of state and going to a wedding, I haven't watched my weight in perhaps 1-1/2 weeks. I feel fat, bloated and disgusting. I think I gained 6 lbs (guessing) of the 21 I lost. I feel more encouraged after reading your blog. keep up the good work. Linda St.

  4. @Linda - As you are well aware, life will often throw obstacles in our path that have the potential to trip us up, but you can overcome. Don't focus on the long journey ahead; take it one day at a time. As Dr Phil says, "You can deal only with the realities of the moment. It is when you look ahead, worrying about all the pounds you must lose, that you become overwhelmed, unfocused, and defeated." So be proud of yourself; today you have chosen to jump back into creating healthy habits. Now, take a moment and think to yourself, what is one small change I can make today that will forever impact my life. We're in the same boat, so don't think that you have to paddle on your own. We can change our lives forever