Friday, August 6, 2010

A Helping Hand

One benefit to blogging on such a relevant topic is that you quickly get inundated with a vast amount of resources. While there is no way that I can fully investigate all of these, I will from time to time post some of them that stand out.

Today, I would like to applaud the creators of This is a huge resource that is absolutely free to those willing to sign up for the basic plan. At the start of my diet, I thought I had a pretty fancy excel sheet to track my calorie intake, but my better-than-average worksheet had to humbly bow to the behemoth of a calorie tracker at Live Strong. Whether you are looking to lose, maintain or even gain weight, this site is one to keep on your favorite's list.

The ever essential Calorie tracker is just one of the features you'll find at your disposal. It’s true that tracking calories in the past was so time consuming, but those days are long gone. The “MyPlate” feature allows you to just type in your meals and voilĂ , all the necessary nutritional facts are right there. Whether you are eating out or not, it has just about everything on there. (and for those on the go, look into the LiveStrong App for your smartphone, only $2.99)

There are many other features and tools that are available. Track your activities, read up on the latest health advice, watch all the workout how-to’s with the click of a button, the list goes on and on. Did I mention this site was massive? Look up new healthy recipes, check your BMI, or maybe you’re considering having a baby. Yep, they have tools to help you on the journey to parenthood as well. If it has to do with healthy living, you’ll probably find it here. So check it out. Don’t let your lack of resources be the thing that holds you back.


  1. parenthood...??I guess we'll start looking at this site...=)

  2. Dwayne* Oh really... looking to become Papa Dwayne? Well there's no time like the present

  3. Proud of you sonny boy, you make a goal and strive toward it. You're an inspiration to me. I'll try to shed lbs with you and we'll see have it goes by December. Love you, Mom.

  4. Thanks Mom. Keep your post coming. It's not only an encouragement to me, but it's an inspiration to the many others. Keep in mind this is for the long haul; little by little we will get to our goals.

  5. You should have been a writer. You are so good at writing an article that draws people in. I am slowing getting motivated. Maybe I need to stop and read and reread at least once a day :)